This Years National Hui


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 Sustaining Ourselves In Times Of Need

How can people, organisations, and society respond to the fundamental issues of our changing times? 

And, where can we find help to navigate the shifts we need to make, to sustain ourselves?

"Change is, at its core, a people process and people can drive change"

 See a problem in the world

Believe the situation could be different

Take action in the direction of the change you want to see

‘To take a living systems perspective we need to: Seek the whole system view that recognises ourselves and our society are nested within our environment; take a relationship-based approach to cultivating change; and learn and innovate.’ (Birney, 2014).

Recognising that we are embedded in a dynamic and ever-changing system allows us to adopt whole systems thinking approach. Being resilient and adaptive to change calls for continuous innovation and learning. Sharing our knowledge and experiences in response to these fundamental impacts within our lives supports our people, organisations and our wider community.

With permaculture practices, we address the critical sustainable challenges we face by using collaborative and creative forms we can...

Work with the multiple and diverse relationships involved 

Protect and enhance the Earth’s life support system as well as our own

Building trust and a deeper engagement to improve our potential & quality of life 

And, to incorporate the ethics of Earth Care, People Care, & Future Care within our actions



This hui is about growing our relationships with one another, having an abundance of resources, tools & knowledge available, and give us the ability to take action and make changes that enrich our personal and worldly environment.



The hui is organised by volunteers and offers significant space for co-creation, so we invite you to contact us if you have anything to offer your community – be it your skills, insight, wisdom, music, activities or presentations.

We look forward to meeting all the wonderful participants and exploring what emerges when we all get together again in one.