Diploma in Permaculture Design

For who ?
For graduates of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).
What is it ?
It is a self-directed program, guided by a coach/mentor, exploring any aspect of permaculture.
Your program will embody the ethics and design principles of permaculture.
The physical outcome of your diploma should contribute to "care of the earth" and to "care of all people".
How long does it take ?
At least 2 years full time. If you undertake it part time, it may take you as long as you like, but must be at least equivalent to 2 years full time.
How much does it cost ?
There will be a small fee ($100) for the costs of administration and certification. This will be charged at the time that your diploma is awarded.
Coaches/mentors may require a fee for their time. Discuss this with them at the outset.
The diploma process:
  1. Develop a proposal for your diploma – 1 page maximum. Submit it to your coach/mentor, who will get feedback from a panel of permaculture experts. Then finalise your proposal.
  2. Get to work !
  3. .Keep a record of all time spent on your diploma. Anything “permaculture” done since you finished your PDC counts towards your 2 years worth of work: courses, workshops, hui, designing, implementation, etc.
  4. Work with your coach/mentor as often as you need.
  5. Document your work as you go: photographs, drawings, writing, video, audio, blog, whatever you like.
  6. When you have done 2 years worth of work and have completed your diploma, submit your work to your coach/mentor for review. If he/she believes that you have work of sufficient quality and quantity, then you can submit your work to the panel.
  7. You will make your final presentation to a panel of permaculture experts, including your coach. Your presentation may comprise many formats, eg, a site tour, website tour, book format, video, powerpoint, etc. The presentation should include an interpretation that shows how your work demonstrates a groundedness in the ethics and design principles of permaculture.
  8. It is expected that your diploma work will be available in the public domain in some form
  9. Diplomas are conferred at the annual PINZ hui
Can I apply for a retrospective diploma?
You can develop a diploma proposal for work you have already done. You must still work with a coach/mentor to document your work, and develop your final presentation.
Who are the coaches/mentors ?
A list of coaches/mentors is available. They all have a Diploma in Permaculture, or are long time teachers and designers.
For all enquities please contact Dee Turner