Natural Beekeeping Workshop

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Quaker Settlement, 76 Virginia Road, Otamatea, Whanganui

Learn the basics of starting, inspecting and maintaining a healthy colony of bees using low-impact, low-cost methods good for you, bees and our environment.

Join Marcia Meehan, passionate urban beekeeper, as she shares her knowledge and experience of keeping bees in top bar hives. Marcia will cover essential elements of hive design and construction, how to start a hive using swarms and nucs, seasonal management of a top bar hive, comb handling and inspection, mite and diseases control options and solving early problems.

There’s more to beekeeping than honey and money! More and more people around the world are successfully using these methods to care for a hive or two in their backyard: doing their bit to ensure the survival of strong, healthy colonies of bees. Plus their gardens and fruit trees are pollinated — and they have honey to share with their family and friends.

“Be prepared to be amazed at how wonderful these tiny insects are, and how important they are to our lives. Chemical free, pest and disease free & allowed to live as naturally as possible…that is what ‘bee guardianship’ is all about”.

Course fee $65: includes extensive course notes and a great ‘show and tell’ of a top bar hive, beekeeping equipment, and natural beekeeping books.