Permaculture in Schools - Advanced Level

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Turangi, TBD

This workshop intends to share the most current educational research in permaculture in schools, with a focus on New Zealand Schools and The New Zealand Curriculum. However, the information can easily be translated to Australian Schools.

Topics for this advanced level workshop include: What is the current state of Education for Sustainability (EfS)? How does The New Zealand Curriculum embrace EfS? Theoretical frameworks for permaculture in schools. Pedagogical approaches for permaculture in schools. What is pedagogical content knowledge and why is it key to success? Student learning as a permaculture design exercise. Sector analysis for permaculture in schools. Convincing teachers and principals to get on board. Co-creating learning experiences with teachers. Designing and running effective permaculture field trips. Engaging students in complete EfS learning experiences.

The workshop covers both theory and practice. It teaches to multiple intelligences and provides examples of best practice in holistic EfS curriculum design. Additionally, it intends to help establish a nationwide network and support system for permaculture practicioners who seek to engage their local schools in the highest quality learning experiences for children.