Art of Scything morning workshop

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283 Trig Rd, Whitford, South Auckland

The Art of Scything
November 6th 2011 Auckland
9 am-1 pm
Replace your noisy, smelly lawn mower or weedeater,
hear birdsong, smell the grass and enjoy satisfaction and fun!

Introductory Class: $65 - 3.5 hours max 6 people
For beginners and those wanting to improve their scything technique.
Select the right scythe for the job and set it up to fit you. . Mowing tai chi style
Techniques for harvesting, grass cutting, lawn mowing and difficult situations
Demonstration of scythe maintenance: including peening, whetting and blade repairs.

Blade Choice & Maintenance: $45 – 2.5 hours
Continuation of the introduction for those who want to learn more about:
Choosing blades and mowing with them
Learn to peen and
Caring for the scythe, so it lasts a lifetime.
Tutors: Bryan Innes and Joanna Pearsall

Location / Venue:
283 Trig Rd Whitford, South Auckland
To book register at:

Bryan 021 799 056 or
Jo 021 739 398 or
email: [email protected]

Scythe equipment and bronze tools, available for use and purchase. Discount for workshop participants