Help us to Measure Permaculture

How big is permaculture in New Zealand? How fast is it growing? These are important questions, especially for us as an organisation when presenting a permaculture-based point of view to Government, media or the business world.

We have a rough estimate that the number of people with a PDC in New Zealand is well over two thousand.

The incoming PiNZ Council decided that obtaining more data on the extent of permaculture practise in New Zealand was a worthwhile and significant objective, but it is also quite a difficult task. Fortunately we found that no reinvention of the wheel is necessary, as Geoff Lawton rides to the rescue. His Permaculture Research Institute in Australia, has created a brilliant tool, a website which collects and presents data on permaculturists and their projects.

The WorldWide Permaculture Network at not only maps users, it records who trained them and allows the trainers to verify that training, creating a genealogy of permaculture knowledge stretching back to Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in generation one. It also acts as a social network, connecting people and letting them follow each other's projects from near or afar.

We urge everyone who is applying permaculture principles in their lives and who has attended any level of training, even a half-day intro course, to register on the site and help build the network.