APW - Cool Water Healthy Soils

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Owairaka / Mt. Albert


The Auckland Bioregion is home to some of the most productive soils on the planet, it is also home to large areas of poorly draining clay soils and steep and erodable landforms. Lead by one of New Zealand’s preeminent organic gardeners and consultants - this workshop is a hands-on introduction to the science and management of soils. In this workshop participants will explore the relationship between hydrology, soil management and human culture and critically examine the way water and soils are managed and used in the Auckland bioregion. Starting at the top and working down the slopes of a local volcano students will examine how soils form and water and soils move through the landscape over time. Participants will also examine soils from their own property and learn how to work with and enhance their inherent qualities.

When: Saturday, 26 JUNE, 2010 9am - 5 pm
Where: Owairaka / Mt. Albert
Cost: $100

Course content

Introduction to - Hydrology, Soils and topography; Soil fundamentals - biology, chemistry, structure and microbes; Growing soils; Visual assessments and plant indications; Composting; Soil care and maintenance - monthly soil management aligned with orchards and home gardens; and Practical activities.

Learning objectives

* Develop an understanding of the processes of soil formation
* Develop an understanding of soil science
* Develop an ability to recognize different types of soil
* Understand key soil management and design strategies
* Identify opportunities and challenges to applying the day's learning