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Farmageddon will immerse you right inside the story of a simple agrarian community in heartland China.
The weekend is centred around a purpose-built boardgame within which you'll grow crops, harvest local resources and trade with neighbouring villages in order to nourish a growing family. It's no walk in the park!
Living out the development of the region you will have to work with the other 17 members of your community to confront the challenges that nature and society relentlessly present. Sooner or later external pressures will test even the healthiest village community and demand the utmost from each player.

Key aspects of agriculture are developed through short workshops, discussions and open debates which are spread over the weekend, culminating in a focused workshop looking for strategies to secure our agricultural future.
Participants gain a solid perspective on global issues relating to food production and environmental impacts of agricultural land use.

The FARMAGEDDON course is excellent preparation for students wishing to take a practical Agriculture, Horticulture or Permaculture course.

If you think that YOU are prepared for FARMAGEDDON send your name and contact details to [email protected], Closes July 24

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