Council of All Beings and Deep Ecology Facilitators Training

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Huia Lodge, Huia, Waitakere, Auckland

Council of All Beings and Deep Ecology Facilitators Training
- Friday Evening 2nd July - Sun 4th July, 2010
Huia Lodge, Huia, Waitakere, Auckland
Finn Mackesy and Margaret Kwok

You are invited to an extraordinary event where you can...

· touch your own reserves of joy and inspiration

· reconnect with ancient wisdom

· celebrate your part in the web of life

· learn to facilitate deep connection

. feel empowered to make change

Council of All Beings
Friday Evening 2nd July - Saturday 3rd July, 2010
The Council of All Beings will vividly change the way you view the world and life itself, forever. It combines the richness of ancient knowledge with new science, revealing unique gifts from the living world.

Through Deep Ecology we see that our human disconnection from the Earth reflects our own disconnection from ourselves, each other and the state of world in general today. The Council of All Beings empowers individuals and communities to act on behalf of the Earth and gives us clarity and redirection for making a difference. In doing so it helps reorder our patterns of consumption, our need for intimacy, support and safety, and our priorities for action.

Be guided through transformational processes that empower you to make change in this time. Become fully alive in your work for the earth through your connection to all the beings we share this planet with.

Deep Ecology Facilitators Training - Saturday evening 3rd july - Sunday 4th july, 2010
The Deep Ecology facilitator’s training is a powerful introduction to facilitating deep connection, scared space and personal empowerment. In this practical hands-on workshop we will learn how to facilitate Deep Ecology processes in our personal lives, educational environments, community projects, social change gatherings and the work place.

Participants will lead various processes and be given on the ground coaching and constructive feedback.

The intention of this workshop is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills to facilitate this amazing work with confidence and grace.

Huia Lodge, Huia, Waitakere City, Auckland

Council of All Beings - $100
Facilitators Training - $ 80
Whole Weekend -$180 incl accomodation, bring food for shared meals.

Your guides Finn Mackesy and Margaret Kwok use humour, dynamic group interactions, and experiential processes to take you on a journey through time, into ourselves, and into our Deep Feeling and Knowing of the natural world.

For more information or to register contact us at [email protected] or 021 562 995.

*Feel free to share this with people in your networks who you think might be interested.