Membership of PiNZ

PiNZ is an incorporated society and registered charity. Its main activities include promotion and oversight of permaculture education in New Zealand and the staging of an annual hui for permaculturalists to gather, share and learn. PiNZ has also supported the establishment of a permaculture emergency response team.

Membership is the primary source of income for the organisation.
The following classes of membership are available:

  • Individual Member - Register / renew
  • Joint Membership for couples/families or households
  • Associate Membership for organisations and businesses who wish to support the permaculture movement
  • Professional Membership for individuals trading as professional permaculture designers.

Online registration/renewal for individual membership is available now. Online registration of Joint and Associate memberships is under development and should be available shortly. Registration for professional members will be available in late 2014 once we have implemented professional membership features on the website.