Permaculture in New Zealand's mission is to act as a national hub in promoting and empowering permaculture education, activism and advocacy in Aotearoa NZ.

Our website aims to help people interested in and practicing permaculture within Aotearoa to keep in touch and share information.

If you're new to the concept of permaculture and its strategies, the principles and ethics are a good starting point.

From Finance to Farmer - Incredible Permaculture Farm Created in Just 3 Years!

Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry, but after leaving that life, he and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand and developed an amazing permaculture property in just 3 years!

This film was made as part of our Living the Change series. For this series we're traveling around New Zealand making short documentary films about permaculture farms, tiny houses, and sustainability.


updated 15/04. Responding to feedback and valuing the time of our WebMaster and team we have decided to hold the standard rate until SUNDAY at this stage, a higher late registration fee is likely to apply from there on as originally advertised.

We are negotiating with the caterers to extend their cutoff from Monday to Wednesday next week - please register just as soon as you can to make sure you dont miss out on this wonderful opportunity tohelp fundraise for PiNZ, learn, share and have fun together as a wider community...Come join us.

Jodi Roebuck - Restoration Grazing -Workshop at the Hui

Looking forward to listening to Jodi Roebuck at the PiNZ Hui on Saturday 23rd at 1:30pm, heres some information on his workshop....

Jodi will present an overview of Roebuck Farm’s grazing work including access to land through leasing and their work with other graziers both local and international. Timed grazing is a powerful tool enabling drought proofing, diversification of species, litter contact, increased fertility and sustained animal nutrition.

PiNZ Annual Hui - ANZAC Weekend - Lake Karapiro

The Hui is just around the corner now and we invite you to join us for inspiration, education and fun.

The hui starts 10am Saturday 23rd April and goes through to 11am Monday (ANZAC Day) 25th April.

It is located at Epworth - a quiet and private retreat situated on the banks of the mighty Waikato River at Lake Karapiro.

To recognise the importance of the river to our region and the interconnectedness to our lives here, the theme will be Wai- Whenua: Water- Earth.

Keynote speakers include:

International Award for Graeme North

The international Bale Heart Award is the latest feather in Warkworth architect Graeme North's cap.

North is a building design pioneer in New Zealand using low impact natural materials including straw bales, unstabilised earthen walls and lime plasters.

He received the award at the International Straw Building Conference: Natural Building in the 21st Century in Methven, Canterbury in front of 200 delegates from 15 countries.

"I was utterly blown away, I wasn't expecting it at all," North says.

Animals are great in the garden

Animals and nutrient go hand in hand and there is no better way to fertilize your garden than integrating some small animals… writes my colleague and fellow permie Bena Denton...

I’m often surprised at peoples initial hesitation to integrate small animals into their garden. There are many ways that animals can benefit you and your backyard to help turn it into a super abundant garden bursting with an active soil life and fresh produce. Today we look at three small animals…

Yoga (inner ecology) & Permaculture (outer ecology) - A Foundation for a Healthy & Sustainable Life

The outer environment is in danger from global warming, pollution and myriad chemicals. As our toxic outer world spins out of control we become aware of the environmental dangers of disturbed emotions, disease, negative and aggressive thinking.

From Lawn to Edible Landscape in Drought-Stricken California

I just stumbled on an inspiring "ecological landscape" project in California, USA.

"The Growing Commons is a 7500 sq ft landscape that was previously a water guzzling lawn for over 50 years. In 2015, the Claremont Friends Quaker Meeting decided that maintaining such as lawn in California (especially during a historic drought) was against the ideals of their beliefs, and sought to replace their lawn with a California appropriate landscape that would also benefit the community."

New source of knowledge: CombiCulture.com

Just started a website called CombiCulture.com. The idea behind it is to be a source of knowledge for sustainable agriculture. People can post their stories into the website and classify it by Country, climate, soil, and crop.

So for people in New Zealand of course the country would be New Zealand. Probably the climate would be Oceanic climate (based on the Köppen-Geiger classification Cfb). The soil and crop depends on what you are doing and what area you are.


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