Website Project Reaches Milestone

Since it first moved recirds from paper to digital form, PiNZ ha had to work with disparate systems: Website, membership database (a spreadsheet), Google group, newsletter list - none have been connected. Which of course creates extra work, and sees people fall through the cracks.

In order to bring everything under one roof, webmaster Richard Grevers has been implementing civiCRM, a Contact Relationship Manager which is open-source and specifically deigned for non-profit organisations. CiviCRM plugs in to the Drupal-based website.

After working with a test site and much manipulation of data, we now have our first civiCRM functionality on the main website: It was used to send this newsletter, and an individual member registration/renewal form has replaced the old print-out-and-fill-in form. Forms for joint, associate and tithing members will follow shortly.

(Almost) every PiNZ member now has a website account. To activate it, use the "lost pasword" link on the login screen, entering your email address. We ask you to check your account details, as much of our data is years out of date.

There is much still to come:

  • Replacing the Drupal Events listings with the more powerful civiCRM one. All ticketing for future huis will be handled directly by the website.
  • We are looking at the cost of using a debit-card payment gateway for simpler payments.
  • We plan to establish bioregional and special-interest groups on the site.
  • Replacing the forum with Discourse, a system which lets you interact via website or email, whichever you prefer.
  • Members-only content
  • The ability to run crowdfunding campaign directly

One of the main benefit to PiNZ should be a more constant membership base. In the past we haven't had the ability to send out annual registration reminders, so the membership has often consisted primarily of "the people who went to the hui this year". With more steady base income, PiNZ can look to expand its activities and services.


Yay!! Well done Richard and thanks also to our council website team.