My new book “Storm-Weathering: a Workbook for our Inner and Outer Climate’ is a contribution to spiritual and social permaculture. To me, these two merge into each other; both are based on Mother Nature’s ecosystems. We explore the essential principles of nature, such as being alive, and we experience what those principles feel like at a physiological level: what it feels like to be alive, to be part of wild nature, and to be connected with all creatures in our planetary community.

The book addresses the need for inner work in these difficult times, and for connection with Nature. The inner work provides the experiential basis for building community, and for the culture shift we need: when we embody the wisdom of nature, and know what it feels like, we’re in a good position to shape the world around us in a regenerative way.

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Here’s what Romi, eco-pioneer and community builder, has to say about it:

Our friend Dido Dunlop stayed last week and we attended her meditation workshop here in Thames. Such a gift to be able to spend that time in deep meditation and reflection.

Dido has left us with a copy of her new book STORM WEATHERING - A Workbook for our Inner and Outer Climate:

So far I've only read the introduction and first few chapters, but I'm already so drawn in, impatient now to explore the workbook exercises. To become a 'confident voyager into the vast and varied landscapes of heart, mind and spirit'!

Dido shares the wisdom of her own journey and experience, weaves her story into her concerns for the planet and the changes that we are now seeing so clearly. She provides the tools to make us stronger, wiser and perhaps more active in speaking out.

An amazing book, with photos and Dido's artwork to strengthen the text.

Romi Curl

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