Produce no waste - even in a disaster zone

After the Christchurch quakes, masses of usable material was landfilled. Support Kaikoura to do things differently, and create a blueprint for intelligent disaster response.

Innovative Waste Kaikoura is a community enterprise that aims to help Kaikoura reach zero waste to landfill by giving a second life to Kaikoura's waste. Thanks to the hard work of Kaikoura's community they have been achieving 75% diversion from landfill. One of the highest rates in New Zealand!

Since the earthquake struck IWK have been working extra hard to deal with their towns waste and stick to their zero waste principles.

Funds raised will go to Innovative Waste Kaikoura to assist them to pay the costs of getting experienced waste diversion people in to support their staff, and to modify their centre to cope with damaged plant and to cope with the huge volumes of waste.



Awesome work you all are doing - are you going to publish the blueprint you're working on... and where? 75% diversion actually sounds pretty impressive already.