Permaculture Teacher Training with Robina McCurdy, Finn Mackesy & Dan Palmer.

Permaculture Teacher Training

Solscape, Raglan

April 16-21st, 2016 - Prior to the National Hui in Waikato

This five-day intensive workshop will empower you to teach permaculture

Relevant to anyone teaching permaculture in any situation, you will
discover a wealth of tools and resources to support your journey as a
permaculture educator.

This workshop will embody permaculture ethics and principles, as it
focuses equally on quality of delivery, facilitation skills and deep
content knowledge. In a supportive dynamic and fun learning environment,
you will have the opportunity for hands-on teaching practice, utilising a
diverse range of teaching modalities - including lecture-style
presentations, groupwork facilitation, guiding practical sessions, and
working with interactive teaching toolkits.

Robina, Finn and Dan bring you their collective passion, with a diversity
of complementary styles and approaches to empower a new generation of
permaculture educators.

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Hello there. Saw on the PiNZ website that you were considering taking the PC Teacher Training Course. We would love to have you! I would encourage you to visit our website to see the awesome programme details and to register!
Hope to hear from you soon!