Permaculture Co-Founder Bruce Charles "Bill" Mollison Died Today

A close-up photo of Bill Mollison from WikiMedia Commons

I just heard that the wise, passionate old man of permaculture, Bill Mollison, passed away today (24 September 2016) in Sisters Creek, Tasmania. I am in shock, and have already shed tears for Bill's passing. This is, perhaps, the greatest loss to Spaceship Earth since the death of Buckmister Fuller in 1983. Graham Bell has published a tribute at

At his impassioned best, Bill could combine the unsheathed anger of an environmental warrior with an academic's attention to detail. Speaking about fences built across the borders of Botswana that trapped and killed hundreds of thousands of migrating animals, and the resulting killings of hundreds of people by hungry lions, "I tell you, fury drives me, fury will continue to drive me, and that's the sort of thing that makes me totally furious."

Bill, like many notable people, has an article on Wikipedia, but sadly it could use some work to fully reflect the breadth and depth of Bill's many contributions. I think it would be a fitting tribute to Bill for permies to help fill the gaps in that Wikipedia page using our own knowledge, both of Bill's life, and of the online permaculture and other literature that can provides references suitable for an encyclopedia article.

If you've never edited Wikipedia before, this is a good time to register, and get started. Once you're logged in, click 'Edit Source' (next to 'Read' towards the top of the page) to edit the page. If you're worried about breaking the page, rest assured, every change on a wiki site like Wikipedia is recorded forever in a 'history', so the page can easily be rolled back to the last good version. You can also use the 'preview' button to make sure your changes are doing what you intended before you click 'save'.

If you're really too nervous to edit the page itself until you feel more comfortable editing on the site, you also have the option to add your information to the Talk page, where more confident Wikipedians can use it to update the Article itself. Click on the 'Talk' link (next to the 'Article' link towards the top of the page) to see the Talk page, and click 'Edit Source'