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From Lawn to Edible Landscape in Drought-Stricken California

I just stumbled on an inspiring "ecological landscape" project in California, USA.

"The Growing Commons is a 7500 sq ft landscape that was previously a water guzzling lawn for over 50 years. In 2015, the Claremont Friends Quaker Meeting decided that maintaining such as lawn in California (especially during a historic drought) was against the ideals of their beliefs, and sought to replace their lawn with a California appropriate landscape that would also benefit the community."

Transitioning to key hole design

My side garden is great in summer but the sun angle changes in winter so it's not enough and gets quite waterlogged. I've started transitioning to a key hole design to get more sun and will play around with stones under the soil in the fence line to channel the water.

Loving it already!!!


New Urban P-C Project

Hi everybody,

I have bought a house with 800 sqaure metre section in Kerepehi, a small village near Paeroa and Thames. I have had the property mapped by Robina McCurdy for urban permaculture, and on the weekend of 3/4 August a group of people will be doing a permablitz to plant fruit trees and establish gardens, etc, to Robina's plan.

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