Tips for a Diverse, Resilient Landscape

Latest article by my GreenBridge colleague Bena Denton ... published in the local paper...

We talk about resilience today, the way we talked about sustainability yesterday. The ability to anticipate risk, navigate change, and bounce back is a key component of resilience. How do you design resilience into your landscape to ensure your edible garden or lifestyle block is able to weather a drought, cope with a changing climate, and consistently provide fodder for animals, bees, and your table? Well, we can start with diversity.

Two People Living Off A 200sqm Garden! Plan Included!


Bob and I (Kay) have just finished 12 months of eating only our own food, not buying anything from the supermarket at all except for salt (from health supplier) and a handful of organic imported spices. It was actually fairly easy and we have no intention of changing back to the supermarket, only going forward from here.

We have been on this site for 3 years and the soil was very poor pumice based soil to begin with.

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