Website progress

At the National Hui on ANZAC Weekend, we set a timeframe of six months to get the new look website in place.
As the 25th of October has approached and passed, how are we doing? The answer is that we're not quite there but have made major progress and are getting close to a launch point.

Call out for new Council members

The PiNZ Council needs some new members to come aboard at this years AGM. We are particularly looking for the following skill sets:

- Admin
- Communication
- Financial control
- Fundraising/Grant Writing
- Merchandising
- Promotion

Please have a think about it if you think you might have something to contribute and get in touch if you want to discuss it further. We meet by skype about 1 - 1.5hr per month and have a Face to Face 4 times a year (including at the hui).

PiNZ Chairperson annual report

Nga mihi mahana ki a tatou katoa

Introductory comments
The assumption underlying what the PiNZ Council has been doing over the last couple of years is that permaculture's time has come. That idea has certainly been reinforced at our annual hui, where we have seen a flood of new energy and creativity mixing in with the tried and tested foundations of the movement. It is an exciting and inspiring combination...

Report from Council Face to Face Sept 2014

Last weekend the national council for Permaculture in New Zealand (PINZ) got together in Hamilton. We meet up a few weekends a year to do the stuff that we can't really do on skype and it is a great opportunity to put in some serious hours together. This is my second year as chair of the council and I am really proud of what a great team we have. Many of us have been working together for a few years, and this year....

PiNZ Logo Vote

We are seeking a new logo for Permaculture in New Zealand, and will build a brand around it. Potential designs have been solicited and, including some offered a few years ago, are now being proposed to the membership. This Poll will use the Single Transferable Vote system (STV), which will result in one choice which has widespread support.

Website Project Reaches Milestone

Since it first moved recirds from paper to digital form, PiNZ ha had to work with disparate systems: Website, membership database (a spreadsheet), Google group, newsletter list - none have been connected. Which of course creates extra work, and sees people fall through the cracks.

In order to bring everything under one roof, webmaster Richard Grevers has been implementing civiCRM, a Contact Relationship Manager which is open-source and specifically deigned for non-profit organisations. CiviCRM plugs in to the Drupal-based website.

Membership of PiNZ

PiNZ is an incorporated society and registered charity. Its main activities include promotion and oversight of permaculture education in New Zealand and the staging of an annual hui for permaculturalists to gather, share and learn. PiNZ has also supported the establishment of a permaculture emergency response team.

Membership is the primary source of income for the organisation.
The following classes of membership are available:


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