Garden Crew Member for BioIntesive Seed Saving Gardens



Employment Vacancy | Paid Position | 40hrs per Week
Garden Crew Member | Koanga Institute

The Koanga Institute is looking for a full time permanent gardener to join our team. Do you have experience in biological/organic BioIntensive gardening and are you able to take care of 300-400 sm of Biointensive garden?

From Finance to Farmer - Incredible Permaculture Farm Created in Just 3 Years!

Andrew Martin once worked in the finance industry, but after leaving that life, he and his wife Beth moved to New Zealand and developed an amazing permaculture property in just 3 years!

This film was made as part of our Living the Change series. For this series we're traveling around New Zealand making short documentary films about permaculture farms, tiny houses, and sustainability.

Animals are great in the garden

Animals and nutrient go hand in hand and there is no better way to fertilize your garden than integrating some small animals… writes my colleague and fellow permie Bena Denton...

I’m often surprised at peoples initial hesitation to integrate small animals into their garden. There are many ways that animals can benefit you and your backyard to help turn it into a super abundant garden bursting with an active soil life and fresh produce. Today we look at three small animals…

Forest Garden Apprentice Needed!

Koanga Institute Forest Garden Apprentice

Koanga is looking for somebody whose dream is to be living and working in Kotare Village with forest gardens, including nursery production. Koanga is actively learning to design, plant, manage and propagate trees for forest gardens in specifically New Zealand temperate conditions and environment.

Two People Living Off A 200sqm Garden! Plan Included!


Bob and I (Kay) have just finished 12 months of eating only our own food, not buying anything from the supermarket at all except for salt (from health supplier) and a handful of organic imported spices. It was actually fairly easy and we have no intention of changing back to the supermarket, only going forward from here.

We have been on this site for 3 years and the soil was very poor pumice based soil to begin with.

Escape The City | Five Month Marketing Internship

16th Sept, 2015 - 29th Jan, 2016

Do you have strong skills in marketing? Are you also excited about permaculture and interested in contributing your skills to a business you're passionate about while gaining valuable skills in food security and permaculture? Then this is the PERFECT opportunity for you!

Find Out More Here: domain name

Some of you may be aware that last September, the NZ domain registry launched .nz, which allows domain names to be registered without containing .co, .org, .net etc.

For the past six months people and organisations who hold a domain name have had preferential rights to register the equivalent .nz domain. However, that right expires at 1pm on March 31st, after which anyone may register any .nz domain. An that is why I am writing this article rather than raising the matter at the hui or AGM.

Wilderland launches crowd-funding campaign for eco-conscious visitor house

The Wilderland Trust is one of the oldest collectively managed certified organic farms in New Zealand and hosts over 100 residential visitors each year, who come to learn about all aspects of sustainable living.

If you are inspired by the work Wilderland is doing and would like to contribute to the development of a new eco-conscious visitor house then please visit our crowd-funding campaign at where you will find videos about our works and info on all the beautiful hand-made gifts we have for campaign supporters.


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