PDC including Biointensive & Health!

* Outstanding food locally sourced and cooked following weston price principles, cooked on rocket stove and solar technology.
* You will learn about the principles all people based their diets on to maintain their health.
* Gain a basic intro to Biointensive growing and Nutrient dense food production.

SPRING INTERNSHIP - 10 Weeks to Set Yourself Up With a Career!

Are you looking for a way to earn a living doing something you feel passionate about, something you love doing, something that keeps you outdoors and healthy in mind body and soul? Something you can do with your family around you, something that supports the wider goal of being part of a regenerative future for all.

Hear about Leòn's experience since doing our Spring Internship: Growing Soil, Food & Health

Permaculture Design Certificate

The PDC is the primary qualification in Permaculture. PDC courses follow a syllabus established by Bill Mollison – most PDCs worldwide will cover the same fundamentals, but details will vary under the influence of both the bioregion and the individual tutor. Some people undertake more than one PDC during their lives in order to learn from different tutors. There are three flavours of PDC course, equivalent in content, but arranged to suit the time availability of students. In both cases the formal tuition time amounts to at least 72 hours:

The Residential (or block) PDC

Permaculture Training

Permaculture founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren desired that education in permaculture should be available to all, and should operate outside the constraints of national education and qualifications systems. Thus education in permaculture is for the most part delivered by experienced permaculturalists sharing their knowledge.

In New Zealand you will encounter three levels of Permaculture training:

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