2014 PERMACULTURE IN NEW ZEALAND HUI – Heal, Connect, Protect

The questions asked at conference make apparent the particular audience attending and the answers demonstrate the depth of diversity in their consciousness as a whole... so I nodded gratefully when on ANZAC weekend I heard the question, “What's your favourite shape?” (tessellating matrices of an apple core – tennis ball like... for future reference).

Feeding the Food Forest - Floyd's Food Forest Hui report

When reading that Ten of the best permaculture designers from around the country, are converging on Auckland from September 26th-28th to offer New Zealand’s first three day Food Forest Hui and Training – I knew it'd be more then 10! The knowledge on offer in such a small room was a prime example of the layers one may find in the most efficient and productive systems on earth... forests!

Report from the Council face to face at Tapu Te Ranga marae

As I batten down the hatches on my housebus, preparing for two days of gale-force winds and heavy rain, I can't help reflecting on what a great weekend I have just had.

The PINZ council has just had our spring Face to Face meeting at Tapu Te Ranga marae in Island Bay, Wellington. We held it there specifically so we could catch up with the crew organising the 2014 annual PINZ hui and check out the venue. A number of council members had been to that marae before but it was good to get another look at the unique, complex and inspiring place that is Tapu Te Ranga.


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