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Feeding the Food Forest - Floyd's Food Forest Hui report

When reading that Ten of the best permaculture designers from around the country, are converging on Auckland from September 26th-28th to offer New Zealand’s first three day Food Forest Hui and Training – I knew it'd be more then 10! The knowledge on offer in such a small room was a prime example of the layers one may find in the most efficient and productive systems on earth... forests!

Food Forest Design Qualification (L5)

I'm excited to be able to announce a new tertiary qualification in Food Forest Design. Food Forests are a time honoured method of growing food in intentionally designed, highly productive, multi layered systems of mostly perennial plants.

Food Forest NZQA Flyer2

People who enrol in the 60 credit course delivered through Food Forest New Zealand and Otago Polytechnic’s Centre for Sustainable Practice, will be guided through the process of designing and beginning to implement a food forest, at a scale and in a location of their choosing.

Update on Te Ohu Pai Mahi o Parihaka

One of the projects undertaken at Te Ohu Pai Mahi o Parihaka in the week following the 2013 National Permaculture Hui was the site preparation of a food forest in the papakainga. The site, approximately an acre, stretches along a north-facing river bank.
At the Puanga Kai Rau festival on 8th June it was too early in the season for tree planting, so a symbolic first tree was planted, a Monty's Surprise apple.

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