Reinventing Bioregions

I am pondering whether to stick with our current set of bioregions for the rebuild of this website.
Wikipedia says that a bioregion is intermediate between an ecozone and an ecosystem.
Various branches of life and earth science define "bioregion" differently. In the WWF list, New Zealand is one complete bioregion. In another classification, the entire world only has seven bioregions.

Metservice Gardening Advice - Bioregionalize?

If you go to the Metservice website and click on the town or city nearest to you, you will see a little panel of 'this month is your garden' advice to the right-hand side of the weather report. It's a neat little feature, with tabs covering 'getting started', 'veges', 'flowers', 'fruits', and 'pests', and a good way for the ordinary kiwi checking the weather to get exposed to gardening information aimed at beginners.

Successful Taranaki Regional Hui

Around forty local permies (and almost twenty children!) turned up to Okurutua Marae at Oakura for a weekend of connecting and sharing.
Run entirely as Open Space, topics covered included building strong community, making biochar in a woodburner, growing mushrooms in a cardboard box and edible seaweeds. There were off-site visits to a local permaculture property and to the ancient Koru Pa site.
It was resolved that regional gatherings should happen several times a year (probably quarterly), and at a variety of venues around the region, although the marae worked really well.

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