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Website progress

At the National Hui on ANZAC Weekend, we set a timeframe of six months to get the new look permaculture.org.nz website in place.
As the 25th of October has approached and passed, how are we doing? The answer is that we're not quite there but have made major progress and are getting close to a launch point.

Reinventing Bioregions

I am pondering whether to stick with our current set of bioregions for the rebuild of this website.
Wikipedia says that a bioregion is intermediate between an ecozone and an ecosystem.
Various branches of life and earth science define "bioregion" differently. In the WWF list, New Zealand is one complete bioregion. In another classification, the entire world only has seven bioregions.

Secure browsing

As of today, all traffic from permaculture.org.nz is being sent via secure (https) protocol. This is fast becoming the norm, although the site may be a little slower if you are on a poor Internet connection.
The change may have the side effect of stored passwords being lost, as your browser is only storing them for the standard (http://) url.

permaculture.nz domain name

Some of you may be aware that last September, the NZ domain registry launched .nz, which allows domain names to be registered without containing .co, .org, .net etc.

For the past six months people and organisations who hold a domain name have had preferential rights to register the equivalent .nz domain. However, that right expires at 1pm on March 31st, after which anyone may register any .nz domain. An that is why I am writing this article rather than raising the matter at the hui or AGM.

PiNZ Membership Renewals

We are in the process of Integrating all our membership management into the wonderful CiviCRM (an open source project providing comprehensive online management tailored for non-profit organisations).

We will have a membership renewal link available here shortly (hopefully by March 9th).

Lost and Found

We have a number of past members whose email addresses are bouncing. If anyone is in touch with any of the following people, please let them know that we would love a current email address for them so that we can continue to keep them up to date.

Elain Marshall
Gretel Jack
William Gould
Keith Thomas
Marie Joy Salele
Marlene Wallace

Contact [email protected] if you can help:

Site Registration

We regret that we have had to temporarily block access to the user registration page. This is due to a huge amount of traffic directly to the page from spambots, incurring excess data charges. We plan to refine the filter so New Zealanders can still register directly.
If you need to register in the meantime, please email the webmaster.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 29/11
We have tentatively re-enabled access to the registration page, but with direct access to it blocked.


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