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Chair report to AGM April 2016

Blessings to one and all.

I have to start by saying that it has been a hard year for council. We ended up with 5 members and this was just not enough people to cover all our responsibilities very effectively. In addition a number of council members had personal issues disrupting their lives, such as the multiple deaths of family members and friends, house moving etc. This mean that we were stretched pretty thin. Nevertheless we managed to get some important things done.

International Award for Graeme North

The international Bale Heart Award is the latest feather in Warkworth architect Graeme North's cap.

North is a building design pioneer in New Zealand using low impact natural materials including straw bales, unstabilised earthen walls and lime plasters.

He received the award at the International Straw Building Conference: Natural Building in the 21st Century in Methven, Canterbury in front of 200 delegates from 15 countries.

"I was utterly blown away, I wasn't expecting it at all," North says.

Call out for new Council members

The PiNZ Council needs some new members to come aboard at this years AGM. We are particularly looking for the following skill sets:

- Admin
- Communication
- Financial control
- Fundraising/Grant Writing
- Merchandising
- Promotion

Please have a think about it if you think you might have something to contribute and get in touch if you want to discuss it further. We meet by skype about 1 - 1.5hr per month and have a Face to Face 4 times a year (including at the hui).

A study on the inverse relationship between farm size and yield

This 2006 study provides further support for the inverse relationship between size of landholding and productivity - ie that smaller farms are more productive per hectare than large farms. This relationship has now been well demonstrated in a number of countries

Link to the Radio NZ coverage of a permaculture property last Friday

The promo explicitly mentioned permaculture, but I don't think the actual piece did. From the website:

"Motivated by the converging problems of environmental degradation, over population, peak oil and climate change, Olmec and Melisa Sinclair (above) have spent several years developing a block of land that focuses on resilient solutions for food production, shelter, energy and water..."

PiNZ Chair report

Spring Equinox. What a beautiful time of the year. Flowers are coming out, I can feel it getting warmer and the parsley in my garden is starting to take off after meandering along all winter. Time to get more seeds in the ground...


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