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A study on the inverse relationship between farm size and yield

This 2006 study provides further support for the inverse relationship between size of landholding and productivity - ie that smaller farms are more productive per hectare than large farms. This relationship has now been well demonstrated in a number of countries

Link to the Radio NZ coverage of a permaculture property last Friday

The promo explicitly mentioned permaculture, but I don't think the actual piece did. From the website:

"Motivated by the converging problems of environmental degradation, over population, peak oil and climate change, Olmec and Melisa Sinclair (above) have spent several years developing a block of land that focuses on resilient solutions for food production, shelter, energy and water..."

PiNZ Chair report

Spring Equinox. What a beautiful time of the year. Flowers are coming out, I can feel it getting warmer and the parsley in my garden is starting to take off after meandering along all winter. Time to get more seeds in the ground...

PiNZ Chairperson annual report

Nga mihi mahana ki a tatou katoa

Introductory comments
The assumption underlying what the PiNZ Council has been doing over the last couple of years is that permaculture's time has come. That idea has certainly been reinforced at our annual hui, where we have seen a flood of new energy and creativity mixing in with the tried and tested foundations of the movement. It is an exciting and inspiring combination...

Impressions from the hui

I thought it was a big ask when Christchurch permaculturalists put their hand up to run the hui this year. Finding a suitable venue and dealing with all the various needs of a hui, in a city still recovering from earthquake damage, sounded like an ambitious task. As it turned out, it was one that the organisers proved themselves well equal to....


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