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Hi from the Hui organising team. Plans are well underway for this years hui so make sure you keep Anzac weekend free for inspiration, education and fun. This year, the hui will run from April 23-25 and be located at a quiet and private retreat situated on the banks of the mighty Waikato River at Lake Karapiro. To recognise the importance of the river to our region and the interconnectedness to our lives here, the theme will be Wai Whenua: Water & Land.


Seventeen trips to Burma and each trip is so different, over time they have become more interesting and enjoyable. No longer a tourist, merging into the culture with the locals comes naturally, although each year I do try to explore a different area in this diverse country. This year it was a trip into Kayah state, recently opened to foreigners, but that is another story and this one needs to focus on permaculture.

PiNZ Education Officers Report

April 2015
Education Officer’s report
PEG and PiNZ have improved communications greatly with the new PEG coordinator being more accessible and active. Most of PEGs documents have been updated and loomio is in place for discussions and decision making.
PEG and PiNZ have begun the six monthly skype meetings.
In the past year five new tutors gained PiNZ affiliation and five new diploma proposals were submitted. The diploma process has been clarified and improved on.
Cheryl Noble

Food Matters Aotearoa

Press release 17.2.15

Good food movement censored

After an excellent initial talk in Christchurch (1) the Food Matters Aotearoa conference this weekend saw internationally renowned scientists, health professionals, physicians and advocates of healthy food production come together to talk to a wide audience from all sectors. The conference was organized with the objective of making available to the public of New Zealand the latest cutting edge knowledge from across the world on the links between agriculture, food and health.

A new season for permaculture in the Waikato

By Alice Bulmer
The Hamilton Permaculture Trust has recently called it a day, after more than a decade. At the AGM in November the decision was made to wind up the Trust and allow permaculture to enter a new era in Hamilton. Permaculture is very much alive and well in the Waikato!
At the Waikato Environment Centre Christmas event, the Trust was given a special award to celebrate its achievements. I was the one who made the nomination, and this is what I wrote:

Adventures into Chin State

A few days before leaving NZ for my annual trip to Burma, a young man from Chin State and now living in Hamilton, came to see me at work. A mutual friend had told him I worked in Permaculture and he was keen to talk about the problems in his village. Thla Ro asked me if I would visit his home town, his uncle living there could speak sparingly english and they had concerns about their environment. Their problems were slash and burn agriculture; rubbish everywhere, especially plastic bags (a common problem in developing countries); and the killing of wild animals.

PiNZ Council January meeting

The PiNZ Council met in Hamilton over the thiord weekend of January. These get-togethers are known as face-to-face meetings to distinguish from the more regular but briefer skype meetings.

Saturday lunch time saw PINZ council members arriving to settle into a fresh organic salad along with delicious breads and cheeses then preparing for a few hours of solid discussion.

Taking a break on Saturday evening to prepare for the customary bioregional potluck dinner. This is an opportunity for local permies and council members to network and get to know each other.

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