Call out for new Council members

The PiNZ Council needs some new members to come aboard at this years AGM. We are particularly looking for the following skill sets:

- Admin
- Communication
- Financial control
- Fundraising/Grant Writing
- Merchandising
- Promotion

Please have a think about it if you think you might have something to contribute and get in touch if you want to discuss it further. We meet by skype about 1 - 1.5hr per month and have a Face to Face 4 times a year (including at the hui).

Smart Planning for an Edible Garden

Get the relationships right between elements in your garden to maximise efficiency and abundance, writes Bena Denton, my colleague and fellow permie...

I love gardening. Even more, I enjoy the satisfaction of surveying a lush, productive landscape… maybe even more than eating the produce! … Until my fresh basil goes onto our pizza, or I look down at my plate and see that this evening everything is from our garden - that’s the ultimate!

Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2016 in Raglan

Kia ora permaculture friends,

in April 2016 we offer our popular Permaculture Design Certificate Course again at Solscape in Raglan, New Zealand.
The course starts at April 8th and finishes at April 22nd 2016. The tutors are Rick Thorpe, Liz Stanway and the Raglan Permaculture Community.

Metservice Gardening Advice - Bioregionalize?

If you go to the Metservice website and click on the town or city nearest to you, you will see a little panel of 'this month is your garden' advice to the right-hand side of the weather report. It's a neat little feature, with tabs covering 'getting started', 'veges', 'flowers', 'fruits', and 'pests', and a good way for the ordinary kiwi checking the weather to get exposed to gardening information aimed at beginners.

Casting Call!

An American casting company, in conjunction with BBC Worldwide, has contacted Permaculture in NZ because they're wanting to make "a compelling, organic new documentary series that follows real people." They're looking for people "who are interested, have begun or want to leave modern civilization in order to start anew with their own government, own resources, everything. Really, building a society from the ground up."

Six Figure Farming NZ Tour - starts next week

Recently I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of creative young urban growers from across New Zealand. They've been a source of inspiration and hope, and they are all involved in the Six Figure Farming NZ Tour that starts next week (Feb 4th).

JM-CollageJean-Martin Fortier (also known as JM) & Curtis Stone are two Canadians, and friends of Stefan Sobkowiak, who came for the Beyond Organic NZ Tour last year year.

JM and Curtis have both been engaged in small-scale intensive market gardening for enough years now to prove it works (is sustainable and profitable) and both have authored detailed, practical books on the subject. 

Start with a healthy landscape

When you are planning your lifestyle block, look for the patterns in the landscape ... and then the site will almost design itself.

When designing a lifestyle block or farm, I always start with the basics: creating a healthy landscape where lots of water is stored in the ground, springs are restored, and waterways are clean, productive, and not suffering erosion. A healthy landscape is both droughtproof and less flood-prone, and is very productive and resilient. Sadly, little of the NZ landscape is any of these ... so some of the ideas here may be new and surprising.

Choosing your dream property

The GreenBridge team is writing monthly articles for the Taranaki Daily News "Property Weekly", sharing concepts and expertise, and by default taking some permaculture thinking to the mainstream.

Check out the 1st article "Choosing your dream property" here


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