Post Hui Turbulence

Kia Ora, yeah phenomenally awesome, great gathering, such a buzzzz

Did anyone else suffer a bit of BBS - Boom Bust Syndrome or maybe more pc PCP - Pulse Crash Phenomenon?

I'm brimming with ideas and enthusiasm but my body had hit the wall - woe is me... one really must keep zone zero sust before widening the circles too far.

So I know very little about this blog scene but I hope its the right place to blurt out a few thoughts about the past weekend for me:

Idea's running through my head!

So im 25 years old, working fulltime to pay the bills 1/6 of y wages perweek is used to buy food.

I own my own home which i intend to finish up and sell to purchase a peice of land in the central waikato area!

I was introduced to the idea of Permaculture through a freind and of cource gained my basic gardening knowledge through my Mother.

Building a Straw bale home it the goal with thi peice of land and also a forest garden based on permaculture principles to supply my family with fesh produce year round.

2009 Hui

Thanks to all those who organised the Hui, loved the Marae setting. It was my first PINZ Hui,  I really enjoyed connecting with lots of people and discussing some great ideas. Can't wait to be involved with seeing some of them come to fruition. Attended lots of great workshops but didn't get a chance to attend lots I would have loved to of attend. Such an out-pouring of awesome ideas. Loved being there.   Went home and prepared my garlic patch...

Post project scoping document

During project implementation new ideas are conceived. If you start work on these new ideas you become sided tracked from the project objectives

Any new idea or concept should be recorded and added to the post project scoping document

The post project scoping document should also include any ideas/requests/thoughts etc... of people who are not members of the project team

Allowing new ideas and implementing actions which were not part of the design brief is known as scope creep

Scope creep renders a project unfinishable!

Achieving project completion - keeping the defined objective in focus

You should have been maintaining focus on the project objectives all the way through the project and continually asking yourself 'is this action going to move the project forward towards its objective and completion?" if the answer was no then the idea or action should be recorded to be added to the scoping phase of the next stage of the project


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