PiNZ 2009-2010 Executive Introduction: Finn Mackesy

I am a permaculture designer, educator, community change agent and the chairperson of Permaculture in New Zealand (PiNZ). My vision is for the organisation (PiNZ) to be a national driver supporting the development and implementation of projects that promote effective social and ecological design solutions, land stewardship, community development and bioregional resilience in Aotearoa New Zealand.

from over the seas

Hi to all. I'm not currently in NZ but looking forward to being there and getting involved with the permaculture world in the future. PC is doing well in the UK but still as yet no local authorities (bar small one accepting the Transition Town concept) are embracing it.

We have a decent summer here this year - distinct difference from the last two wash-outs and flash floods and plants are doing well. Hope the NZ winter isn't too harsh for you all.

Best wishes, Mawhera_13

wilderland needs practical people

Wilderland occupies 183 acres of land nestled between native bush and Whitianga Harbour Estuary, on the Coromandel Peninsula.

We maintain an organic horticultural farm (certified New Zealand Organic) that includes orchards, gardens, beekeeping, and marketing.

The trust aims are to offer a learning experience for anyone who wants to come to the land and participate in Wilderland's organic horticultural program, and other land-based activities.

Asparagus picker

Hello everyone,  During the spring harvesting of asparagus I need a person to help with picking the green succulent spears.  There are 2ha of asparagus plants and with 2 or 3 people picking each day it takes approximately 2 hours.  I would like to hear from anyone who might have these skills or interested in developing this further skill.  It is not hard work only need commitment to being out of bed by 6.30am for an early start.  Any queries welcomed, Judy

PiNZ Executive Introduction from Richard Lee

Unfortunately I could not make it to this years Hui but nonetheless was voted onto the PiNZ Executive, so it was suggested that I share a bit about myself and my vision for Permaculture in New Zealand here in the Blog pages. So here goes.

I did my PDC back in about 96 with Bill Mollison at Tagari Farm in
Northern New South Wales but had done my first introductory course in
1993. In between the two I graduated from a Bachelor of Applied
Science Social Ecology, which came from the same grounding and
paradigm as Permaculture theory.

Moving into permaculture (maybe)

Myself and children have moved to a small rural community in northern Hawkes Bay having lived in Central Auckland for almost 10yrs. Had lived and worked here studying agriculture specifically dairy farming though conventional farming never quite fit with my instinct  I left and sadly the family farm was sold along the way. So back here with a partial sence of belonging but what to do to contribute to our lifestyle and hopefully ultimately the community.

The week's highlights - Vulcan Freezing with permies

I think the highlight of my week (excluding the Annual Hui) was running into 4 other Auckland permies (whom I had seen at the Hui last weekend as well) at a Climate Change flash mob on Vulcan Lane downtown Auckland yesterday. It was great to see wide-eyed, and bright smiley activists on the scene.

I look forward to more events and opportunities to grow and develop our Auckland permaculture community.


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