Internships at Okiwi Passion, Great Barrier Island

Okiwi Passion's Internship Programme

Experiential training for intensive, small scale organic fruit and vegetable production.
Internships at Okiwi Passion provide individuals seriously considering small scale farming as their future path, the opportunity to get to grips with the reality of running a diverse small farm through active involvement in every aspect of the work involved.

Much of the learning will be experiential, but there will also be direct instruction through workshops for practical skills and teaching of related topics as required.


My new book “Storm-Weathering: a Workbook for our Inner and Outer Climate’ is a contribution to spiritual and social permaculture. To me, these two merge into each other; both are based on Mother Nature’s ecosystems. We explore the essential principles of nature, such as being alive, and we experience what those principles feel like at a physiological level: what it feels like to be alive, to be part of wild nature, and to be connected with all creatures in our planetary community.

Tips for a Diverse, Resilient Landscape

Latest article by my GreenBridge colleague Bena Denton ... published in the local paper...

We talk about resilience today, the way we talked about sustainability yesterday. The ability to anticipate risk, navigate change, and bounce back is a key component of resilience. How do you design resilience into your landscape to ensure your edible garden or lifestyle block is able to weather a drought, cope with a changing climate, and consistently provide fodder for animals, bees, and your table? Well, we can start with diversity.

Chair report to AGM April 2016

Blessings to one and all.

I have to start by saying that it has been a hard year for council. We ended up with 5 members and this was just not enough people to cover all our responsibilities very effectively. In addition a number of council members had personal issues disrupting their lives, such as the multiple deaths of family members and friends, house moving etc. This mean that we were stretched pretty thin. Nevertheless we managed to get some important things done.

Shelterbelts can be juicy!

Here is GreenBridge's latest monthly article for our local newspaper...

Single row, single species, trimmed shelterbelts have their place. But by thinking outside the square, we can achieve great shelter while gaining lots of other benefits too…. writes Kama Burwell.

The opportunities with shelterbelts are exciting. We can design shelterbelts so they also provide bee fodder, bird & insect habitat, rongoa/medicine, fruit, nuts, stakes, fibre for weaving, fruit tree pollination, firewood, chook food, nitrogen & phosphate fixing, animal fodder, mulch, and more.

Web Team Coordinator - End of Contract Report

I have been involved in discussions about improving the PiNZ website at since about 2009, when I set up the Aotearoa Permaculture Network project on to provide email lists for bioregional networks, intending to supplement the forum and events calendar offered by the existing website. I became more actively involved in 2012 when I joined the PiNZ Council.

Garden Crew Member for BioIntesive Seed Saving Gardens



Employment Vacancy | Paid Position | 40hrs per Week
Garden Crew Member | Koanga Institute

The Koanga Institute is looking for a full time permanent gardener to join our team. Do you have experience in biological/organic BioIntensive gardening and are you able to take care of 300-400 sm of Biointensive garden?


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