Permaculture in New Zealand's mission is to act as a national hub in promoting and empowering permaculture education, activism and advocacy in Aotearoa NZ.

Our website aims to help people interested in and practicing permaculture within Aotearoa to keep in touch and share information.

If you're new to the concept of permaculture and its strategies, the principles and ethics are a good starting point.

Brownie Adventures

Converting a 4 bedroom, 1974 spec home, on 615m2 of New Plymouth's suburban land, into free and healthy living.
Main Challenges: The 'got me by the short and curlies' mortgage (currently at $170k). The District Council Code Compliance - I tend to build 1st, ask questions later. And, my neighborhood - a mature demographic, which like clean, straight lined, machined berns.

Web Resources for the Global Permaculture Movement

Permies aren't known for spending lots of time on the interwebs. Most of us are much happier out in the garden, attending community events to meet up with each other, or out in the wilderness seeking inspiration. However, there are times, like the depths of an Aotearoa winter for example, when it's great to cuddle up in front of a glowing screen and to pick the brains of the whole permaculture community. So what resources are there for exploring permaculture topics online?

Major client's house win's award

When my biggest client of the last 4 years asked me to do a clean-up for some visiting architects I had no idea it would lead to being thanked by the house architect in his acceptance speech at the Auckland Art Gallery last night. I guess thistle chipping does pay off... What you cant see in this video is more then 10000 trees that the owners and I have planted which 'Farmer Jim' ridiculed when we first started - but is now defensive about why he hasn't got round to doing the same!


For a few years around the world, people have been celebrating International Permaculture Day on the 1st sunday of May by holding lectures, workshops, open days etc...

This year’s theme is: Reclaiming Food Freedom!
Join a global day of celebration and action!

Would New Zealand permies like to use this opportunity to showcase permaculture in their communities? If there is interest PiNZ could offer a page for events to be announced or the regional Facebook pages could be used....

Solar Toilet Turns Poo to BioChar

Here's a variation on the well established permaculture practice of turning humanure into fertilizer instead of using potable water to flush it "away". This experimental system uses fibre-optic cables to collect and concentrate sunlight, cooking human poo until it becomes biochar.


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