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Stefan Sobkowiak <> Beyond Organic NZ Tour

This two hour interview makes for an important addition to the knowledge shared in the Permaculture Orchard film. In it Stefan talks about the next piece of the puzzle, soon to be released from Miracle Farm.

The podcast which has just come online, would have gone longer if Stefan hadn’t excused himself to join a scheduled conversation with John Allan of APW and myself. We needed to talk about the Masterclass Stefan will be leading at Unitec Auckland next year, as part of theBeyond Organic NZ Tour.

For New Zealanders the survivalist concepts that are promoted in the lead-in may seem foreign, and you can of course skip them and jump to 8m:40sec, or you may wind up asking, what’s happening in the USA? There will always be a multitude of responses to the increasing uncertainty and rapid change that is underway across the world – as we each experience it.

Stefan looking seriousNow, onto the 2-hour interview with Stefan Sobkowiak and Jack Spirko on The Survival Podcast.

Up front we hear about Stefan’s background and having a Masters degree in both Biology and Landscape design, before learning what got him inspired to set up a Permaculture Orchard. We find a man with a deep desire to maximise the positive impact he can have on the world around him, and as the minutes turn into hours, we start to appreciate the gifts he’s offering.

Read the full article with time stamps from the podcast, on the blog at www.beyondorganicnztour.com 

Ooooby in the Waikato

Hi Permaculture people!
Just a quick note to let you all know that Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Backyards) has come to the Waikato and soon to be coming to other hubs around Aotearoa.
We are looking for growers and customers who want to be part of the grand shift towards a healthier, more resilient and more sustainable food system.
Ooooby is a "for-common-profit" enterprise, the primary purpose is to build a better food system, not to make money for a handful of private shareholders.
If you or anyone you know is interested in being involved check the website

Holistic Agriculture Library

Apologies if this is old news for everyone but me, but I just came across the Soil and Health on-line library. They ask for a one-time $US10 donation (not compulsory) to become a member and have a number of classics available as downloads, including such authors as Fukuoka, Pfeiffer and Yeoman. The url is http://www.soilandhealth.org/01aglibrary/01aglibwelcome.html

Traditional Hawai'ian terraquaculture

For many visitors to Hawai'i the native people are almost invisible behind the caricature of plastic leis and aloha shirts. Yet Hawai'ian culture and identity is alive and well, observable most strongly in the resurgence of Pasifik voyaging and the powerful hula traditions. The traces of their sophisticated and complex ancient culture are apparent throughout the landscape, in the heiau (temples) that dominate many headlands and hilltops, in the traditional placenames that evoke their polynesian past and less obviously in the taro terraces now hidden by neglect.

Successful Taranaki Regional Hui

Around forty local permies (and almost twenty children!) turned up to Okurutua Marae at Oakura for a weekend of connecting and sharing.
Run entirely as Open Space, topics covered included building strong community, making biochar in a woodburner, growing mushrooms in a cardboard box and edible seaweeds. There were off-site visits to a local permaculture property and to the ancient Koru Pa site.
It was resolved that regional gatherings should happen several times a year (probably quarterly), and at a variety of venues around the region, although the marae worked really well.

Auckland Region connecting the dots

A small group of Aucklanders and near Auckland affiliated got together at the Hui taking heart from the wonderful happenings in the top of the South.... determining to bring NZ's largest city back on line with regional meetings. Avril has kindly volunteered her time to steer these occasions as Auckland's newest bio-region co-ordinator and showed she's serious about having some fun together. Collaborating with the other 5 North based attendees from the bio-region discussion at Hui on ANZAC weekend, she prepared flyers, took RSVP's and ensured all bases were covered.

2014 PERMACULTURE IN NEW ZEALAND HUI – Heal, Connect, Protect

The questions asked at conference make apparent the particular audience attending and the answers demonstrate the depth of diversity in their consciousness as a whole... so I nodded gratefully when on ANZAC weekend I heard the question, “What's your favourite shape?” (tessellating matrices of an apple core – tennis ball like... for future reference).

An invitation...

You are warmly invited to be part of a group of people who are keen to grow the permaculture community in Auckland and share permaculture-based learnings and activities.

Our first get together includes:
 A potluck shared lunch (plus byo your choice of herb tea, coffee)

 Fast-paced pecha kucha-styled* presentations on permaculture- related topics

 A guided site tour of Earthsong, a cohousing development that models sustainable urban living

See details in the "Other Events" page!

Visiting La'akea Permaculture Community, Hawai'i Island

I'd forgotten to ask for directions when I arranged to visit La'akea Permaculture Community so I had to stop for help in Pahoa. I stumbled upon The Locavore Store, which was full of great local fresh produce as well as sauces, balms, oils and things, and I swapped stories about food and politics with the friendly people tending the store. They offered me the use of their phone to ring the community.


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